Taylor Swift with her cat. Olivia, leaving her apartment in New York

Selena Gomez on Instagram. (inspired by)

This slope is t r e a c h e r o u s;



i have to make a comment. this set was the single most difficult set to make in terms of obstacles. first the video was from tumblr and downloading tumblr videos is a true challenge. learning how to was something i had to jump through first - and i might do a tutorial on how i did it later. making the set itself was no real challenge - it was a 19 second video and hq and rather easy in terms of coloring. however, the next challenge was uploading it. however, i had to make this because for the longest time, i related to i knew you were trouble in terms of this straight girl that i knew who went around using queer girls to up her sex appeal. she fetishized me as a bisexual, she made me feel like there was a chance, and she took it away. i knew that she never loved me, but there’s something nagging me that maybe she never cared about anyone but herself. and when taylor sang “that she never loved”… it struck me deep and it was… amazing. so maybe taylor isn’t bisexual or pansexual but for this fleeting moment, it was a deep connection for me. and maybe it was a slur of the tongue but… hey. anything to hold onto.